Israel White – Madrid

Hello, What´s your name and where are you based?
– I´m Israel White and I ám based in Madrid.

How long have you been into tattooing?
– I have been tattooing for 7 years, like a professional.

What is your favorite style of work?
– I love to do Dark realism, surrealism, horror etc.

How long have you been doing this style of tattooing?
– From the beginning, I always tried to make the style that I´m doing now.

Do you have any other interests in the world of body art, besides tattoos?
– In the world of body art no, but in the world of art in general I try to paint, draw and
expand my style of painting. In fact, I consider myself a tattoo artist and painter.

Where would you love to travel, for work?
– I was always been attracted by the Nordic countries and others like United States, Japan,
I can not say just one.

Any future plans?
– Traveling to tattoo conventions, going as a guest to other places and in the future to open my own studio.
But I don’t think I want a normal studio, but an art & tattoo gallery, a meeting point for artists,
where tattoos are made hahaha.

Do you prefer rotary or coil machine, and why?
– Sincerely these years I have been loyal to the coils but during the last year I have used more the rotary machines,
I like both, it depends on the tattoo you work with, one or another, both of them has their things.

Any artist that are your biggest inspiration?
In the first place, I have always tried to have my own style, but of course I have references
like Robert Hernandez, Carl Grace, Paul Booth, Liorcifer… I can’t only say one.

Where can our readers see more of your work?
Instagram: @mrwhitetattoos