Isnard; Legendary Tattoo Studio

Isnard; Legendary Tattoo Studio
June 22
16:25 2018

Isnard; Geeky Tattoo Artist With A Passion for Art:

Isnard is one amazingly talented tattoo artist. His style of neo-traditional tattooing is on par with the best of them. It is also clear where this geeky tattoo artist, gets a lot of his inspiration from. He is a huge geek who loves anime, comic books, video games and art. All of which influence his tattooing. You can clearly see influences from all of it in the tattoos he creates for people. However, it is quite awesome, how he even with famous characters manages to put his own art style and twist, into the tattoo.

The Interview:

1. Where are you from? What age are you? and how long have you been tattooing for?

Hello there i was born in Brazil and raised in Portugal, im 32 years old… jeez, and i have been tattooing for since im 18 years old….go do some math now .

2. The name of your current studio and where is it located?

I recently opened my own lil private studio that i call LEGENDARY TATTOO STUDIO and no this isn’t a episode of how I meet your mother just more related to the legendary super saiyan,dragon ball, Geeky i know…oh just lost track of the question! Anyway Currently located on the heart of Dublin -Ireland

3. How would you describe your style of tattooing/the style of your tattoos?

Sweet baby jaysus, im recently start doing this neo traditional (with my own twist )mixing anime/marvel/tattoos all together and i guess thats my style!

4. What is it you love about that style?

I guess what im doing right now …. i dunno as long stays in the body all good!

5. What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?

ell my mom that im paying my taxes and tell her this isn’t a joke,it’s serious… Cmon mom why you dont belive me??

6. What got you into tattooing?

I remember when i saw a tribal on my friends back and i was like : jeez bro that shit is horrible!!!!He was like:Yeah? Well i wanna see if you can do better …. and here we are .

7. What inspires your tattoos(and art) the most?

marvel,anime,mangas,comics,and art in general expecially if is 16 and 19 centuries.

8. What is your favourite tattoo you have ever done or seen?

Haaaa man!!! Everyday i see funny tattoos and cool stuff! Expecially on instagram i like strange stuff soo if is funny or dark humor im all over it

9. Do you have a dream tattoo, that you want to do on someone in the future?

yes i have some ideas that i wanna put in practice, but i guess everyone need to wait for that*evil laughs *

10. Do you have any future plans, you would like your fans and the readers at Mediazink, to know about?

If you guys around Dublin I would like to invite anyone to drop by my place , play some arcade and chillout and maybe get some tattoo.

Final Comment and Gallery:

Isnard is an awesome artist and cool guy, with a love for the geeky, the weird, the strange and the unusual. But one thing he has, which every great artist should have, is a passion and drive for what he does. He seems laid back, but he has a fiery passion for tattooing. We can’t wait to see the evil plans he has, for new awesome, edgy and colorful tattoos, that he will create on some lucky individuals bodies.

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