XMAS CALENDAR Day 21 – Randy Engelhard
Studio: Heaven Of Colours Tattoo Studio, Germany

Randy Engelhard was selected by many hundreds of nominated artists from
around Europe by you, our trusted readers.

Randy is a world famous tattoo artist based in Germany where he runs his own shop,
Heaven Of Colours Tattoo Studio. He also do a lot of tattoo conventions, all over the world.

Randy is specialized in realistic tattoos, both in black´n grey and color.
You can also see Randy in the reality tv-show; Horror Tattoos.


See more of Randy´s work at

Last but not least

The Christmas Calendar this year is our first one focused on artists from Europe.
We will decide for next year if we expand it to the rest of the World.
The reason for this is that we also use this calendar to award “The Mediazink Artist
Of The Year”

Yes that´s correct – one of the 25 artists will also be special rewarded
and we will announce the winner – New Years Day.
Beside the Honor we also bring some great prices to the winner and the second

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