InkSpate is taking the tattoo art straight into the 21st century

InkSpate is taking the tattoo art straight into the 21st century
February 02
06:00 2017

 InkSpate is taking the tattoo art straight into the 21st century

Today, a tattoo artist needs to stop his work every 7 to 12 seconds in order to redip his tattoo needle into the ink cup. Although this takes only 1 to 2 seconds, it has some critical consequences on the final quality of the tattoo.

* It’s difficult to locate the same spot where the needle was lifted in order to redip in ink it is evident, usually marked by a dot or some other small interruption in the line, and in the worst cases, the line is completely crooked.

* When re-dipping the needle into the ink cups, as the level of ink becomes low there is a greater chance of bending the tip of the needle on the bottom of the ink cup. A bent needle tip can cause extra bleeding and even scarring on the customer’s body.

* The need to interrupt the work also affects the focus of the tattoo artist. Any of them would admit that they could work more efficiently if they didn’t need to stop every 10 seconds to get more ink.

With InkSpate’s new technology, the art of the tattoo has advanced to the next level. In contrast to today’s methods, there’s no need in re-dipping the needle over and over again. The tattoo artist can draw on the skin in a continuous line without any problems and without any chance of harming the needle’s tip. The InkSpate solution is equipped with an ink cartridge that is sufficient for an entire tattoo, enabling work efficiency and shortening the work time by 10% to 30%. Using InkSpate’s unique technology, the tattoo artist is free to concentrate on his work and deliver the best results of a tattoo art for each and every client.

Another important contribution of InkSpate – Health benefits

After the package is open, the ink cups immediately become unsterile. When creating detailed, multi colored and complicated tattoos, there are many ink cups of different shades left open for long time periods, waiting for the moment to be applied, which makes them prone to contamination. InkSpate contains fully sterile ink cartridges that are kept completely sealed up to the moment when they’re used during the tattoo artists work. Based on these benefits, it is safe to say that InkSpate is head leading a revolution in the tattoo industry, delivering a high quality product and method for doing highly detailed work while keeping a sterile and safe environment to protect the customers’ health.


Additional important information

* InkSpate is a special custom-made solution

igned specifically for the tattoo industry.
* The product was initiated and fully designed by Yaron Azoulay.
* The product prototype is built by Avtipus Patents & Inventions Ltd.
* Watch how it works. You’ll be impressed.
* This is a one-of-a-kind solution with no analogy in the tattoo equipment industry.
In today’s world where tattoo art has become more complex and
with a focus on fine details,
our inkspate new ink delivery system is the perfect solution to help your
tattoo artist make the most of his vision for your tattoo.

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