Telling Many Stories:

Ink Slingers doesn’t just tell the story of the many different artists featured in the book. Through the many stories from each of these artists, the book tells the story of tattooing since the 80’s up till today. There are many different artists featured in the book, all of them are legends in their own right.

Some of the artists, such as Iver Gørtz, Tattoo Mini and Porky Pete, have already been featured on Mediazink.
So we do not need to tell you guys, how much we admire them. But you can read about so many incredible artists, Like Bob Tyrrell, The Coney Island Demon, Colin Dale and Erin Chance and many more.

The book is designed with amazing galleries and pictures, of the artists and their awesome work. Paired with long in depth interviews/stories, told by the artists themselves. The stories touch on everything, from how they got started with tattooing, to what inspires them, to what they think of the tattoo industry and more.

A Book For Anyone Interested in Tattoos:

Ink Slingers, in the opinion of Mediazink, is a book for everyone. Anyone with even a remote interest in tattoos, whether they are an artist or just curious. Could learn so much from reading this book. As an added bonus, they will be learning about the tattoo culture and industry, from some of the legends that live it.

The book does a brilliant job, enlightening the reader about some amazing artists. While it at the same time, enlightens the reader about tattoo culture and the industry, from the old days in the 80’s, to the modern times today. All while showcasing the amazing art of these tattoo legends, who are featured in the book.

Final Comments:

Ink Slingers was published in 2013. It is the brain child of Jakob Schutz and the photographer Michael Caddy Soendergaard. The subtitle for the book is “Under The Skin”, an appropriate title considering the amount of detail the book goes into, with the artists stories. We cannot recommend this book enough, it is an amazing read.
It will leave you wanting more and perhaps wanting some tattoos of your own!
And don’t worry, you can get it in English too.

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