Ink Expedition; Travel, Culture and History of Tattoos:

Ink Expedition is a new show from Travel Insider. Like insider is famous for, the show is all about showing off tattoo culture to the audience. With our hosts Chelsea and Sidney, the Ink Expedition audience goes on a journey across the globe, in search of tattoo culture and history.

The show does a good job of both looking at ancient traditions, as well as the history of modern tattooing. So far they have been to Hawaii, Japan, and New York, among other places. Learning about the tattoo history of the places they travel to and taking the audience of a cultural tattoo journey.

They even use the knowledge of experts such as Lars Krutak, whom they brought on the Hawaiian episode. To explain what they can’t, about the given tattoo culture they are taking a look at. Learning about anything from ancient tattoo methods, to the meanings tribal cultures applied to tattooing, to how modern tattooing got started in New York.

Final Comment:

Ink Expedition is both an informative and entertaining show. Even the people who are already a part of the world of tattoos and body-art, will probably learn something from watching this show. They let the cultures speak for themselves, as the hosts too, are impressed and amazed with what they learn. You can view the episodes on their Facebook page, and it is well worth it.

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