Indeed the famous Heidi Hay

Indeed the famous Heidi Hay
May 28
06:00 2016

The modern tattoo industry has been revolutionized in the past few decades. As more artists enter the field, the body art industry is evolving with competition. Every year, many conventions, awards and appreciation seminars are held for artists that have dominated the tattoo industry. Amongst other reputed names like Theo Jak, Paul Jefferies, Stephane Chaudesaigues and legends like Tin Tin Tatouages, a rising star that has taken the industry by awe is indeed the famous Heidi Hay.

Heidi Hay is not only the first women tattooist star to start up her very own studio in Sweden; she is also one of the most talented people in the field. The talented redhead with her iconic chin tattoo, her smiling face shows her dedication and passion for her industry. Her repute speaks for itself. She has won many international awards for her work, which is focused on portrait kind of art, and also covers fantasy based themes. Her work is diverse, and not only fixed on portraits alone. After working with people like Norberg, she has developed intricate featuring into her work, making it super realistic with amazing detail and depth. She has a truly artistic mind and loves to focus on arms and back for her ideal portrait. When inking portraits, Heidi takes great care to mimic not only the expression of the face, but also the spirit of the picture.

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Some of the clients working with Heidi complain that the appointment times are much delayed and it often takes months to get an appointment fixed. But that is to be expected, when the fans of the growing star keep coming back with friends and the roster gets filled up. Although Heidi does not handle all of the clients herself, her team of gifted artists takes great care to express the customer’s wishes on their canvas, and treat their work with great respect. The team believes everyone deserves a chance to express their inner self and get a chance to be inked properly. Tattoos are life-long companions and to get them done from the very best, a little bit of waiting is somewhat justified. Heidi’s tattoo salon offers great services with state of the art equipment and reasonable prices. The budget of each tattoo is flexible as it depends on a variety of factors like the detailing required on the tattoo, the time that would be spent on inking the tattoo and of course the artist that is dealing with the tattoo! Most people love to get their family members inked on their body by Heidi, as she immortalizes their expressions and features on skin.

Since 2007, Heidi Hay has worked with famous tattoo artist Nick Norberg to arrange the world renowned Gothenburg International Ink Festival (Goth Ink fest). She also participated in various famous tattoo conventions like the Stockholm Ink Bash XV of 2011. The top artists of 20 countries participated in the festival and Miss Hay represented her brand Heidi Hay tattoo along with Niki and Ed Perdomo. Heidi Hay is definitely the rising star of the Swedish Tattoo industry and will come up with great achievements in the coming years.

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