Street Art From Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mediazink now bring a range of art pieces from
some of the bigger cities in Scotland, Nothern Ireland and Ireland.

All photo is taken in Glasgow and Belfast by Jeanett Esfort.

This is to show some of the great street artists who really love what they do.
Artwork in top quality.
If you recognize or are one of the creators please write you name in the comment filed below the
article on the homepage.
We will the contact you for more info and show your art in the future.


IMG_0459 IMG_0460

Don´t Forget To Smile


Belfast Street Art

These two below are taken in Midtown Belfast in one of the bar streets.
The arcade full of bars have a huge numbers of Street Art on the walls.

IMG_0684 IMG_0676

Many of these Art pieces are made on the shop front security walls, so they are visible
after closing time.

IMG_0703IMG_0704 IMG_0705IMG_0707

The show stopper.
We will soon show you a complete gallery from more Places around the United Kingdom.
Stay tuned!