I’m Alive 

Hey there.
My name is Cecilie, but i am better known as ‘Sinners Choice’ on social media.
How i got here is actually a good story, so sit back, turn on some music and enjoy.

When i was a young girl, i was so god damn shy, filled with fear and afraid to speak.
I dont think i said a word doing class, for about 2 years, i guess i was about 11 years old at that time.
what i do remember,is that my biggest fear was being judged for what i liked and who i was. Because most of the time i was listening to bands like, Tokio Hotel, Ozzy and Metallica.
I felt like i finally was being understood when that music was playing. that i wasnt the only one, and ofc. I wasn’t, but at that time, it felt that way.
There were a few loney years after that, where i was trying to figure out who i was, and what i wanted to do with my life.

When i was 16 I had this beautiful blond hair, i was really skinny, but in a good way.
And a photographer texted me on facebook, asking me if, with my parents approvel, would like to be a model for him some day.
Ofc i said yes, and did a couple of shoots with him. I actully got a bit populair for a while. I figured “hey, why not try to do this more, and make some money out of it?”
Turnes out, its pretty fucking hard to make money, being a model after just 1 year! WHO KNEW?!

After a few years i was pretty good at the whole modeling thing, and i was thinking about getting my first tattoo, and so i did. It was the most stupid thing i’ve done, not because of the ink, but because of what i got tattooed.
A half of a sugar skull, that never got finished. so i was walking around with this dumb tattoo on my arm and i got sick and tired of people asking what it was so finaly i got a coverup.
Then i got addicted!
I got just one more tattoo, then another, then another and so on!


Suddently Cecilie from that small crappy town was gone, and Sinners Choice was born.