Illegalizing Tattoo Artists; It Has All Been Done Before:

Illegal Tattooing, one would think this would only be the case, when the rules and legislation are not upheld.
Sadly this is not the case in Japan nor in South Korea. In both these countries, any tattoo not performed by a doctor, is considered an illegal act. Indeed, you did not read this wrong and it may have been mentioned on our website before. But in South Korea, tattooing is and has been illegal for a long time.

Indeed, what is now happening in Japan, has been going on in South Korea for years now. It might indeed, because of the proximity and closeness the two nations share. Have inspired Japan’s new discriminatory legislation. We will not go further into that. However, you guys are more than free to look further into it on your own.

Have No Fear Tattooing Will Persevere:

No matter whether Japan has looked at South Korea, as an example or not. Perhaps they should have when it comes to the effects, of this kind of legislation. Indeed tattooing in South Korea has not disappeared at all. It has however been driven underground by the legislation, and all the institutionalized discrimination and stigmatization, which the law brings upon tattooing and tattooed people.

But despite how saddening this law may seem, looking at South Korea, may bring you hope. For even if the appeal should not go through, with the case in Japan, everyone can rest easy. Because tattooing will not die out, it didn’t in South Korea and it won’t in Japan. In South Korea, more and more people still seem to be warming up to the idea of tattoos and getting them done, in spite of the discriminatory legislation.

This can be seen in a BBC News video clip, with the South Korean tattoo artist Aerok Kim. This artist even explains, how in most of the world, what he does is not considered illegal in the least. Underlining this fact with introducing himself by saying; “I am an internationally certified tattoo artist, not so certified in Korea. We here at Mediazink encourage everyone to see his enlightening interview clip, as well as supporting “Save Tattooing in Japan”.

Final Comments:

It seems ironic, how criminalizing tattoo artists, to a large extent in South Korea, has not made the artists care any less. They are still world class artists, who care about hygiene and having a great reputation with customers as can be seen with Aeron Kim. They are still certified and recognized around the world, for their art. So thinking that criminalizing tattooing in this way, will stop people from getting tattooed, is just sad and not keeping up with the times.

Instead these nations would get more out of making the tattoo industry safer for clients and artists, like most other developed nations are doing. As it is already a big part of their culture, especially when looking back through history.
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