2 Years and Living The Dream:

Huckleberry Robert is a tattoo artist, with quite the unusual comet story of a tattoo career thus far. Robert had worked most of his adult life, as a graphic designer, which is his original profession and education. He was also an artist, illustrator and even a dance instructor. So it is natural to see where he got his artistic flare from.

He even had quite good success with being a graphic designer, even working for the Lego Corporation. But he was always very unsatisfied and unfulfilled doing this kind of work. He couldn’t put his own style or art into anything he did. He got ged up with the rules and the 9-5. Then a Danish girlfriend of his at the time, told him to give tattooing a try which to his luck, he did. He tried it out, getting an apprenticeship, and he felt like it was meant to be and began loving what he does fully, for the first time ever.

To top it all of, Robert had a natural talent for tattooing and already after being an apprentice for only a year, his master told him he was ready to be a tattoo artist. Funny story is he got asked to be an apprentice, when he attended the Stockholm Ink Bash in 2015, and Mediazink met up with this talented artist at the 2017 convention.

The Marriage of Chaos and Order:

This young artist can do any style you want him to, however he loves the black-work style the most. Or… that would be the case, if he hadn’t passionately developed his own style of tattooing by the name of “Geo Trash”. He mixes together polka trash and geometric tattoo patterns, creating a unique hybrid that looks quite fantastic!

He loves mixing chaos with order, no matter what tattoo he is doing having freedom to do this, is the best feeling he knows. But nowhere is that more present, than in his own style Geo trash. But other than that, he just loves being able to live, by creating his own art on peoples skin. Plus the way he meets people and gets to befriend them as he tattoos them. Being almost a kind of psychologist for the client to talk to, loving when they open up and trust him, and making the project a collaboration between him and the client so to speak. Then the project becomes unique and the client feels like it is a part of them.

A Nerd a Heart; Who Wishes He had Known Sooner:

The only thing Robert would ever change if he could go back in time would be that he would have become a tattoo artist much earlier than he did. He truly loves the art-form and industry, with a fiery passion.
But he is still greatful, that he has found where he feels he belongs, as well as that he gets to do what he loves every day.

When it comes to tattoos he has done so far in his rather short tattoo career. There is still however, a couple of favourites that comes to his mind: 2 of the tattoos he competed with at Stockholm Ink Bash this year. One of them was a tattoo of a famous Swedish king, where he was very proud of his handiwork. Another one, was a Star Wars Stormtrooper piece, that he got to do, in his own Geo Trash style.
That spoke to him, both because he had total freedom in his own style, and because he is a huge nerd/geek, who loves Star Wars.

When it comes to tattoos he dreams of doing in the future, well… there isn’t any specific one. But he would love to do a complete full sleeve tattoo in his Geo Trash style. As well as any awesome star wars tattoos he could get his hands on. Preferably though, he would love to mix both of them together again.

Final Comments and Gallery:

In the future, he hopes to keep improving his art, but he also wants to work more on a podcast he does with a friend of his, called Sketch Book Heroes, where they discuss comic books, videogames and the like.  But he wants to find more balance in his life, and keep on doing his dream job, being a tattoo artist.

Robert and his friend; Aka The Sketchbook Heroes! please go find their podcast!


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