Horror Art From 2 German Artists

Today we look into Germany.
The first artist is Randy Engelhard.
Randy is one of the most well known artists in the World.
He does amazing colorwork.
Enjoy these pieces we got from his Facebook.
See more from Randy by clicking the link below.

Photo by Randy Engelhard

A couple of fantastic art pieces from Randy.
He works in his studio, Heaven of Colours.

Photo by Randy Engelhard

Visit and see more from Randy┬┤s hand:


The second artist is Lena Art from Karlsruhe Tattoo Art
She has been working since 2015.
Enjoy her fantastic colorwork and details.
An artist we will see so much more from in the future.

Photo by Lena Art

View these 4 pieces and notice the amazing details in the colorwork.

Visit Lena Art here and be inspired: