Hornsleth Homless Tracker; Using Living People as Art:

Hornsleth Homless Tracker, the newest bit of provoking “art” by the Danish artist and provocateur Kristian von Hornsleth.
In this latest piece, he has fitted a number of homeless people in London with a tracking device. But the fun doesn’t stop there, these people are then sold on auction to the highest bidder, who can then follow their homeless person directly.

The owner thus, gets to keep an eye on their homeless person. What they do, where they go and what they get into. Basically Hornsleth is buying homeless people off the streets and then selling them to private art collectors, as art pieces. as an extra little bit of icing on the cake, the collectors also get a real gold portrait of their homeless person.

The public and the owners are each, as they follow the homeless via social media and the tracking device. Allowed to interact with them as they see fit. The project is going to show society’s true face when it comes to those most in need. Whether there is compassion or apathy, at least that is the idea. All while at the same time poking fun, at the absurd entertainment people enjoy, with people such as the Kardashians and the like.

Ownership of an Individuals Body; Is This Slavery?

Putting the philosophical and societal commentary to the side for a moment. What is it Hornsleth is actually doing?
One would not be faulted for thinking it was some sort of slavery, when you first hear about it. However, since their is no imprisonment or curbing of the individuals freedoms etc. perhaps it is not slavery?

But he does achieve his schock value, buying real life human’s and their bodies and selling them off as art pieces. Testing what society will do, how they will react, but then again that is the mission of a provocateur. Hopefully he achieves what he wants, and gets to turn the mirror towards the art collectors, showing society how bizarre we are.

It is no matter how you slice it truly fascinating, one can only hope that the homeless people involved, will recieve something for this. This is  no matter how you slice it, even for people without a home, an extreme invasion of their privacy. Of course they have willingly gone along with it, so hopefully this will all amount to something good.

Final Comment:

We don’t want to judge further, whether this very extreme form of peopel/”body”-art is morally reprehensible or a damn clever idea. We will leave that for our fans to decide and judge, feel free to go to his website. There you can read more about this art project and see the people participating.

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