Hip Hop Culture and Tattoos; Banned From all TV and Media:

Hip hop culture and tattoos, these are two things which will no longer be visible in the Chinese media. During to a new law which is going to improve on a proliferation of what the Chinese government calls “low taste content“, certain things are no longer allowed within the media in China. Among these are hip hop culture and tattoos, both thought by the government, to be rude, vulgar and of low taste.

Indeed athletes are told to wrap up their tattoos, so they can’t be seen, when playing at a televised match. Companies no longer hire actors or actresses with any tattoos (as well as people who don’t abide by the communist party’s ideology  and values). This also goes for international artists and athletes, no matter how famous they are. This has of course created quite some backlash within China. However, as of now, it is still the new law in the country.
Many Chinese citizens are acting out on social media, saying that the government is too narrow minded and ancient in its views.

This is just another example of how China is trying to control their public’s norms and values. Outlawing anything that goes against the governments wishes. But it seems the Chinese people are becoming fed up with their governments latest ban here. Especially since both tattoos and hip hop culture are becoming more and more popular in China these last few years.

Final Comment:

Hip hop culture and Tattoos, it seems like easy targets for China to pick. Seeing as both Korea and Japan’s governments, have banned tattoos, because of outdated conservative views. It will be scary but exciting to see what happens with China and its culture, in the months to come.

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