High Voltage Copenhagen; For All Who Love Rock and Roll:

High Voltage Copenhagen, a gem of a nightclub placed within the city center of Copenhagen. It is a one of a kind place where the metal and rock music is loud and awesome, the beers are cold and the party is always rocking.
The club was opened around 4 years ago, by a man known as Love Gun and it has been a success ever since.

Today if you haven’t heard of the nightclub, you must be either a tourist, or not be into either Rock, Metal, Tattoos or partying. The place is legendary in the city, so much so that Love Gun has now opened a second High Voltage nightclub, in another major danish city (Aalborg).

No matter what music you like or how you know the place, one thing stands out more than anything else.
There is absolutely no discrimination towards body art, or the people wearing it. You are treated just the same whether you are covered in tattoos, have horns in your forehead or you are a clean slate.


The staff at High Voltage are all top class. From the door staff to the bar, every single individual knows how to get the party started and how to make sure you have an awesome time. They are all friendly as well as highly professional. Even on the busiest of nights, they make sure everyone gets served.

Another awesome thing about the staff, other than most of them sporting some awesome tattoos. Is that they know how to make everyone feel special, like they are the life of the party. When you leave High Voltage, you feel like you truly partied like a rock star, and that is partially because of the awesome staff.

Especially the women are famous, for flaunting their beauty and making sure everyone has a slice of sexy pie, to go with their cold drink. But even the male staff, know how to party with the guests and make sure they have an awesome time. You are always sure to have a smile and a laugh with these people.

Venue and Atmosphere:

The venue itself, looks like it was dragged out of a metal roadies wet dream, in the best possible sense. The decor is dimly lit in just the right way, there is loads of metal and rock related art and decorations all over the walls and bar. Along, and the DJ is always playing the best rock and roll tracks out there.

Even more awesome, is the variety that the venue has, which will impress most people. There is everything, from a scene where live bands perform among other entertainment. Stripper poles on the bar, for pole dancing entertainment. A big dance floor, where you can headbang, jump around and dance with people. And then there is the huge bar, where everyone is sure to be able to find a spot, along with loads of tables, benches and room to sit down and have lots of beers with your friends.

All in all, the venue has been excently picked, decorated and put together. It pulls everything together, yet it makes everyone able, to party in just the way they prefer the most. Whether it is chilling at the bar, going wild on the dance floor, or hanging with friends around the long tables. There is even a pool table, for the ones who enjoy that.

Events and Parties:

Not only is High Voltage itself pretty legendary and awesome. But what is equally legendary about the place, is the many events that take place there. Everything from awesome theme parties, such as hillbilly night, halloween parties and more. To loads of both local and international bands, who play live at the venue.

So if you are not one to go out, just to have drinks and party. This place will surely cater to you, with their many events. At least if you like rock and roll, metal and the alternative party scene, you can’t miss out on this place.
They take every opportunity they can, to get awesome bands to swing by or to host an awesome theme party/event.

There are also always, great offers to go along with the many events, which only sweetens the deal. One of the most legendary, which we would highly recommend, is their New Years party. It gets crazy and chaotic in the best of ways.

Final Comments:

Indeed, for anyone who wants a place to go, where they won’t be discriminated. High Voltage Copenhagen is already an awesome place. But if you like rock and roll, metal or the alternative scene, it is one you absolutely cannot miss out on! They are sure to provide an awesome night, you will not soon forget.

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