Heroes of Tattooing; The Women Who Made it Happen:

Heroes of Tattooing, it is a phrased that in some people’s opinion could be given to many. According to other people, barely anyone could be called it. But we would argue, that the women that came before our generation. The women that paved the way for tattooed women in the industry and in the tattoo community. Are true heroes.

These women took part in a culture, that at their time, was so male dominated (still is today). That women were looked down upon with disgust, if they even dared to get a tattoo in many cases. But for decades upon decades, women like Maude Wagner, Shanghai Kate and Vyvyn Lozonga. Have paved the way.

These women took a stand and carved out a space for women with tattoos. They are the main reason, that today women can wear their tattoos with pride and show of their awesome ink whenever they want.
Without these women, surely the tattoo world wouldn’t be the same, so we salute them.

The women who paved the way, truly heroes and sources of inspiration.

Final Comment:

To talk about all of these women, in a way that would do them all justice. Would take volume upon volume of books. So hopefully our little salute has peaked your interest, so that you yourself, may go and read up on these women and learn more about them and what they did. They sure do deserve your praise and attention.

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