Prohibitions; Preventing Proper Tattoo Inks In Spain:

Spanish Tattooing, requires the same as tattooing does in most other countries. The right tools for the trade.
However, due to unfortunate circumstances in Spain, caused by their government. Spanish Tattoo artists can’t get a hold of the best brands of tattoo ink. Therefore there business is being hurt, as they can’t do good quality tattoos.

This is all because of the government, utilizing old outdated laws, to prohibit tattoo inks. Most of the inks that are prohibited are from world famous brands. All because Spain is using archaic laws, compared to the rest of Europe.

What They Want Done:

The Spanish Tattoo artist, want to save Spanish Tattooing, by forcing the government, to follow the same standards, rules and regulations as the rest of europe. Even France despite having some of the strictest legislation on health and safety in Europe. Have not prohibited these famous tattoo ink brands.

It is time to stand together and help out the Spanish tattoo artists. Through standing together we might also show governments around the world, that tattoo artists want what is right for their trade as well as for their clients.
Which is safe good quality ink, for safe and good quality tattoos.

Especially any Spanish tattoo lovers, should support this petition, as it will ensure the quality of their future tattoos.
Because if the Spanish government wins, it will have horrible effects on the quality and safety of Spanish Tattooing.

Final Comments:

We here at Mediazink, wanted to write this article, because even if you can’t read or understand Spanish. You should still go support this petition and help out Spanish Tattooing. We see more and more cases, where poor legislation gives governments loopholes to try and outlaw tattooing and tattoo artists. Like with Nick Morte or with what is happening in Japan now (We have previously written articles on both topics).

So please go support the Petition!

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