“Nyhavn 17”; A Piece of History:

In Copenhagen lies the worlds oldest tattoo shop “Nyhavn 17”. It is indeed till this day, still a functioning tattoo shop/studio. It is even a tourist attraction, not just for tattoo fans, but for anyone interested in the history of Copenhagen.

This is because, the history of the fair beautiful city of Copenhagen. Almost cannot be told, without mentioning sailors, the district of Nyhavn and with these tattoos. We are not just talking sailor tattoos here or any old run down tattoo shops. Of course artists worked in bars and whereever they could set up shop back in the day, and it was not the same friendly and well run business it is today. But despite it’s rough history “Nyhavn 17” has been a tourist attraction always, as an integral part of the history of Nyhavn and Copenhagen.

Indeed not just any artists have come through Nyhavn and indeed Nyhavn 17. Some of the greatest tattoo legends from Denmark also graced the studio and worked there. The studio has been a part of Copenhagen since at least 1902, with it being the first proper tattoo studio in Denmark and now the oldest working one in the world. The owner himself became a legend, known as “Tusch-Hans”. It was later owned by another legend, “Tato-Ole”. (if you want to know more check out the book “Danish Tattooing, 2009, Nordstrøm.)

What is happening to the shop now?

Well the owners of the building Nyhavn nr. 17, where the shop is placed. Have decided that they would like to close the tattoo shop, so they can open up a new kitchen for their outdoor restaurant.

We here at Mediazink, feel that this must be stopped! All of the other tattoo shops, that used to be all over the place in Nyhavn, have already been closed down and are long gone. This last piece of tattoo history, of a great part of Copenhagen’s cultural history, must be kept going. It is the oldest still working tattoo studio in the world, a tourist attraction and a historical gem.

We at Mediazink, hope that anyone reading this article, might want to sign this online petition, so save “Nyhavn 17”!
Help save a piece of Denmark’s, Copenhagen’s and even the World’s (tattoo)cultural history.

All the best from us here at Mediazink, we will bring you an update when we know more about the fate of “Nyhavn 17”.

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