Hayden Thompson – Tattoo Collector from Australia

Hello Hayden. You are well known for your tattoo collection, and for your work
of course. 
But can you tell our readers, who are Hayden and where do you live?
– My name is Hayden Thompson,  I’m 25 and live in Perth Australia.

How did you get into the world of tattooing and how did you start to collect tattoos?
– I guess It was due to the music I listened to. The culture with heavy metal bands and tattoos
go hand in hand, I think it all started from there.

I know what you do for a living, but can you tell our readers what you do and where?
– I’m a tattoo arist, working in a private studio in Perth, Australia.

Almost your entire body is covered in tattoos,
but is there any part of your body that you never will get tatooed?
– I’ve never said anywhere I will never get tattooed, you never know what will influence you in the future to want something. Soles of my feet seem fairly pointless to me and probably my lips and nose apart from that not really.

Who and how many artists have worked on you, so far? I´m sure you got some big names.
– At a quick count I think around 20 artists, and yeah I hit it pretty hard when I was 20-21.
We can name a few of the artists that have worked on me: Devon Lee, Benjamin Laukis.
Akos Tattoo, Kat Abdy, Steve Butcher, Paul Acker and Phil Garcia.

What do you think about going to various artists instead of only one?
– Both are good. People specialise in different things so it depends on what your want for your body.
A full body suit by one artist with a good composition are my favourite pieces to see.

What is your next tattoo, any plans?
– Working on blacking out one of my arms and, then will be doing white
over the top which is currently the project on the go.

If you could get tattooed by anyone in the world, who would that be, and why?
– That’s tough. There’s so many artists which I wish on a regular basis I had space for, which I don’t.
Currently it would be Ben Kaye or Dbkaye, I´m trying to link something up for my last leg gap.

Do you prefer to get tattooed by a rotary or a coil machine?
– I find rotarys nicer to get tattooed by.

Your favorite style of tattoos, that you have on your body?
– I think all the Neo Japanese that Akos Tattoo has done.

Where can our readers see more of you?
My instagram is: haydenthompsontattoo

Here you can see some of Hayden´s amazing collection