Harry Potter; The Ink Of He Who Must Not Be Named

Harry Potter; The Ink Of He Who Must Not Be Named
February 13
06:00 2018

Harry Potter; Death Eater Tattoos:

When most people think of Harry Potter (aside from some very hardcore fans), they don’t think of tattoos. But actually certain tattoos play quite a big part, in the books themselves. Yes, we are not talking about fan tattoos in this article, but actually tattoos in the books themselves.

Namely the tattoo in question, is the one worn by the death eaters, the loyal servants of he who must not be named. Ah heck, the name is Voldemort, I think we can say that much in this article. But still, this ominous tattoos that are described in detail in the books, are featured on the lower right arms of the loyal servants of the dark lord.

The tattoos themselves serve as quite the cool plot tools in the story and are of course, as you may have guessed, magical. When touched with a wand, they send a magical signal other death eaters and they are used by the dark lord to control his servants. Not through mind control no no, but by the fact that he can localize them with it and cause them severe pain, should he touch it with his wand.
As always, a proper dark lord rules his servants with fear, this one just takes it a step futher. Demanding they prove their loyalty with a magical tattoo.

The Skull and Snake:

We are trying our best in this article, to not anger any potter heads out there and do feel free to correct us if we get stuff wrong. But at least it is very easy to find the design of the tattoo. Due to the fact that countless devoted fans of the series, have had a copy of this tattoo done on their own arm. Other popular designs include a lightning bold for Harry Potter, the Hogwartz crest as well as the Deathly Hallows crest/logo.

But this particular tattoo is the grimmest out of most of the fans tattoos. The tattoo is always a skull, out of which’s mouth crawls and coils a snake. The snake is because of the dark lords fondness for the scaly creatures. As well as how he himself in his days at Hogwartz, belonged to the house of Slytherin. The four houses of the school each have their own crest animal, lion for Gryffindor, badger for Hufflepuff, raven for Ravenclaw and a snake for Slytherin.

You can’t fault Voldemort on his taste in design, or rather J. K. Rowling (Author of the books). The simple design does exactly what it should. It is ominous and sends a message of the wearer being maybe a bit nefarious (at least in the books), and like a real life gang tattoo, it shows they belong to Voldemorts “gang”. The tattoo is even featured in the movies too.

Final Comment:

We hope you enjoyed this rather nerdy article. Sometimes it is fun to be a bit nerdy and childish right? No matter what there are many fans of this awesome fantasy novel series, and many of them get cool fan tattoos. Just remember to think before you ink and to get the best tattoo you can people.

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