Hardcore Bio-Mechanics; Dermal Implants and Ink:

Hardcore bio-mechanics, it takes it a step further than just tattoos. We see an example of it, with the body of @Kashelodie and others.
Using dermal implants, rather large ones in fact, to add something extra to their bio-mech. Of course this practice is heavily inspired by the tattoo style and in turn through that, heavily inspired by the words of Giger, the Alien franchise and such.


Bio-mech tattoos have been popular for at least a couple of decades or 3 by now. It has always revolved around using the body’s shape and adding tattoos to it, that utilizes it, while creating something new and “alien”. It has even developed into several different sub-styles. Some with a more mechanic and robotic look and others with a more organic look. No matter the style, it has always been about giving the illusion of something more, wondrous and alien about the body.

With these more extreme examples, we see people taking it a step further, actually altering the body’s shape a little, with dermal implants. In the case of Kashelodie, Steve Haworth has already done extensive work on her. Inserting coil like implants into her arms, giving her arm tattoos, an extra bit of umf. But they are far from done and surely it will be exciting to see the transformation when they get further along.

Final Comment:

We here at MediaZink are firm supporters that everyone should look the way they want to. It is for us pretty exciting, to see what people can do with all sorts of body-art. Dermal implants are no exception to this, and though it may look icky to some, it is fascinating to see what people do with them. We hope those who are on a bio-mech body journey, get to their goals.

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