Halo; Nerdy And Quirky Artist With Passion:

Halo is an artist, who loves the quirky and nerdy stuff, just as much as he loves details. His style seems almost like a mix at times, between new-school and realism. Maybe it is because of the quirky motives his clients want tattooed, or perhaps it is just some fun twist he has put into his own style. Whatever it is, it works and it creates some epic tattoos. Whether he is creating a portrait of a famous movie character, or immortalizing someones dog. There seems to be a cool quirkiness among all the details, which gives his tattoos life.

Halo’s Own Words:

My Tattoo career has been a wonderful journey and continues to bring me new adventures , exciting clients, and learning curves around each corner. I have been tattooing for 13 years and my initial interest came when I knew I was expecting my son to be born. I was a starving musician, living the roadie lifestyle, and wherever my band was playing the next show is where you could find me. So I wanted to provide a more stable and consistent lifestyle for my son and I decided why not try tattooing.
I always appreciated the art of tattooing and loved getting tattooed. I started spending all my time  at the tattoo shop where I was already a client, soaking in all the information I could. Starting out doing chores around the studio just to get a glimpse of how the artist worked there day, to how they prepared a drawing for a client. Along the way there were a lot of growing pains and plenty of sleepless nights studying artists, from tattooing to fine oil painters.

Getting Into It:

In studying their art  I would pay attention to their growth, evaluating the fine details to figure out what the difference was, what made them better, and in turn take that technique and apply it to my artistry.
My son is a constant light force in my life, motivating me to keep moving forward , keep striving for growth.
My son Damien passed away when he was a baby but the impact he had on my life in such a short period of time continues to resonate even today. He is my inspiration in life and the whisper in my ear that says, “Go Dad, take that chance, I believe in you”. I share this with you because He is why I am a Tattoo Artist.

The Craft:

Being creative in general comes naturally to me. If I wasn’t a Tattoo Artist I would be a Musician. Playing the guitar is my favorite past time and play whenever I have down time. I’m continuously trying to push my creative abilities to the limits. Staying stagnate is extremely uncomfortable for me and I’m my biggest critic, so in my eyes nothing is ever quite finished and I always look back on completed pieces and see areas where I can improve upon. I seek artistic inspiration from concept designers, these are artist who let there imagination run wild and think outside the box. I would suggest checking out Fantasy Art on Instagram, they post mild blowing stuff, its definitely worth the follow.

Where Halo is Now:

Today you can find in my tattoo studio, Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery, tattooing clients wanting everything form their family members portrait to zombie unicorns, I love it all! Every tattoo tells a story and  I get to experience a moment in time through my client’s point of view. I really enjoy how I get to interpret that story for them into a tattoo.

Final Comment and Gallery:

Halo is a man who has gone through both heaven and hell (pun intended), in his life. Especially regarding the birth and death of his son. But he is a man who has grabbed a hold of life and lives it to the fullest. You can definitely see his passion in his craftmanship. He has an extreme eye for details, creating amazing pieces with both the quirky and not so quirky ideas, his clients come to him with. This is an artist, who truly lives for his craft and spreading joy to others through it. Loving all the awesome moments he gets to share with his clients, that a great artist.

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