Hair-Styling; Body Art By Scissors

Hair-Styling; Body Art By Scissors
January 25
15:00 2018

Hair-Styling; Working with what we hold most dear?

It wouldn’t be difficult to argue that hair-styling, has become a form of body-art in and of itself. Especially with what it is possible to do today, with the technology available, just like with tattoos funny enough. Also because of how creative especially young people dare to be, with their hair, we see all sorts of both weird and cool hairstyles. It can also be argued, that hair holds a very special place for most of us, both men and women. It signals our style and personality, our sense of youth as well as how we wish to be perceived with age. At least it can be argued that it is very important.

Thus hairstylists have become like tattoo artists. Even though their work veins with time as hair grows back and hair-dye fades. The work they do with our hair, still means a lot to those that go under the scissor. A hairstyle like a tattoo or a piercing, can make or break a person’s self-esteem while they wear it. We all know how it feels getting used to a new haircut, how it feels when you look and you just feel amazing with a new haircut and how a bad haircut makes us feel.

So we here at MediaZink would at least argue, that hair-styling, is its own body-art and quite the cool one at that. Even though it is not permanent, it is still not for the faint of heart, to get the more out there hairstyles. They are way more visible than any tattoo you might get after all, so people will see it.

Would You Dare?

That was the question proposed by People in a video of theirs. In the video, a willing participant goes under the scissors. But there is a twist: They do not get to decide what happens to their hair and they are blindfolded during the cut. Thus they will have no say or power over what happens to their hair.

Given what we have just made very clear, this seems like a very scary thing to go through. Especially for women, yet i also seems exciting, seeing what might happen, what piece of art it might become. So our question to you guys, our dear fans, is; would you dare?

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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