Green-screen Tattoos; Newest Trend Goes Technological:

Green-screen tattoos,  the future is here, so to speak. This new trend truly does something innovative and quite clever with the art of tattooing. Creating tattoos, where a green-screen effect is incorporated. This means that you can create some rather cool effect, when you video the tattoos. This might not have hit home before the digital age, but in today’s internet age, it is incredible to behold.

It had (to our knowledge), never been done before, before the Kentucky tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett, created a Rick and Morty tattoo with the effect. The tattoo went viral as the internet completely loved the tattoo like crazy.
In the tattoo, it is a classic image of the famous adult swim cartoon characters, standing in front of a portal. But the portal (which is already normally green), has been tattooed in a way that makes it into a green-screen.

What took the internet by storm, is that Roy videoed this tattoo he had created. All while inserting the trailer for Rick and Morty on the green screen portal. The results (seen below), truly speak for themselves. Others, are now following suit a bit, with for example an artist named Aaron, creating a Moana/Vaiana tattoo with the same principle.

*Please Share! And follow my IG @aaronistattooALSO, SOUND ON…….. makes it way cooler!..lolOk….Finally figured this out….remember I did NOT start this new trend, it's hard to do and I give so much credit to the guys who made these before me….its a really cool novelty for the client, and I think it's just fun….bandwagon, and shares and stuff aside, it's really pretty cool…..the bonus to this is, if you have a video of the tattoo, you can put any other clip inside anytime….the technology has been here already and is probably just going to get better. Unlike those stupid sound wave tattoos, this does not rely on a database of recordings to work….because once that is gone, the tattoo is just a squiggly line…, The one thing I tried to do differently was to do a cool tattoo that can stand on it's own on the skin…..I'll post the shot of that next!…..thanks for looking, and I hope you all love Moana as much as I do!

Publiée par Aaron Is. sur Mercredi 8 août 2018

Final Comment:

Green-screen tattoos, it is quite the funny and silly gimmick. We totally get why people are so excited about them. They make for great tattoos, and then there is the added green-screen effect to play around with. So no one is getting hurt from this awesome new tattoo trend. It will be exciting to see where it goes from here.

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