Good results no diet?

I think the first 4 months I started to workout was the time I got the best result.
Because my body was not used to get smashed in the gym, so the body got shocked.
At that time I actually didn’t eat healthy and it annoyed me a lot.
If  I had worked out like I did and just eat healthy and hold me away from candy, soda and fast food, I would had some totally different results but in a positive way.
You can get some serious good results if you have a lot of focus on the healthy food, and keep training!

I know it, after I have been working out for 4 month I started to eat healthy and that gave my body a really crazy boost, more fat was burned off the body, and I could visualize that I started to add mass at the same time, and that was here it gave me the push to the diet!

Nothing can replace a good serious diet, but if you got the time and energy for a diet, then eat healthy and do you’re training, that will be a great solution for you.
And if you want some better results after you have trained and start eating healthy, then take the next step and jump on a diet.

You can make It by you’re self,  get a good coach, or find you a personal trainer, to help you all the way.


Things You Should Eat To Get A Good Result. (short list)

Vegetables, buns

Muesli, Pasta

Rice, coffee

Chicken, water

Tuna, milk

lean meat, juice

steak, banana





Stay positive, hungry and dedicated.