God of War; Norse Mythology and Tattoos

God of War; Norse Mythology and Tattoos
May 09
20:06 2018

God of War; Awesome Reboot with Epic Gameplay:

God of War, a video game series loved by many. Just recently the 4th installment in the series, which is a reboot without really being one, came out (20th of April). Ever since the first trailers revealed that Kratos (main protagonist) was going to the realm of Norse Mythology this time, fans have been going wild. Speculating where it would take the story.

But the game did not disappoint and it has been taking the gaming world by storm, ever since its release. With its gripping story, full of cool characters and awesome nods to Norse mythology. As well as an ending, that promises much more cool stuff to come in future games. We won’t get further into the story, as we do not want to spoil (includes not mentioning the name of any gods encountered in the game).

The game play too, saw a great overhaul, with Kratos trying out something new. His trusty old blades of chaos having been replaced, with the awesome leviathan Axe. Despite the game-play getting refreshed with rpg elements, the combat is still as fast paced and difficult as ever. The controls also handle really well as always, it is one joy of a game to play, but definitely not for the faint of heart, as it is as always very brutal and bloody.

Cool Characters, Lots of Myths and Tattoos:

Not only is Kratos, our favourite tattooed anti-hero and Spartan warrior back to fight more gods, as well as monsters of myths and legends. But this installment has more tattooed characters than any video game we have ever seen.
There are just about no Characters it would seem, without any tattoos, among the main and side cast.

Even Kratos son, the second main character in the game, has tattoos, despite being a preteen. It is a cool nod to how the viking tattoo culture was, with any young lad having tattoos be a rite of passage into adulthood. We won’t mention, as said earlier, any more characters by name, as we do not want to spoil the game. But we can say, that the tattoo designs on the characters, be they male of female, are truly awesome.

It seems the game designers did their homework, as the tattoos on the characters are not only awesome looking. But also clearly inspired by ancient viking findings, drawings and tales. It gives the player a more authentic feel, for Kratos now being in the land of vikings. A tough place where people have to have an edge and some roughness too them. Plus some tattoos may or may not be partially magical, we dare not reveal it.

Final Comment:

God of War is one awesome game indeed. Though the main character in the series has always been tattooed, this game takes it to a whole other level. We know to most the tattoos won’t come close to the most important things in the game. But it is cool to see such a big title, not being afraid to go fully authentic, with the amount of tattoos and the designs and placements, on the games characters.

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