Giants of Megacity; Art From the Berlin Underground:

Giants of Megacity is a collection work of some of the amazing art, by the Berlin Tattoo artist and artist Electric Pick(EP). The art-book is a collection of only original artwork by Electric Pick. If you are a fan of for example newschool tattooing and funky, surreal art. Then this book is a must have for your collection.

Many art-books do not usually have this clear a theme all throughout the book. It is pretty interesting to see, how EP draws his giants, in this world he invented, called megacity. The giant girls often straddled in creative ways against buildings. In some cases they are even interacting with the buildings, using them as tables or seats, even walls to lean against.

All the girls look beautiful, quirky, strangely alien and yet oddly familiar. There is definitely some udertones, of social commentary towards our modern day society in his work. Even if there is not, it is still some amazing, funky and inspiring art that is well worth checking out. Especially if you like giant, sexy, alien girls.

Final Comment:

Giants of Megacity, is one of the best art-books we have seen in awhile. It speaks beautifully to new-school tattooing as well as just surreal art in general. You can just keep looking at every single drawing in the book for ages, finding a new detail to love. It would not surprise us, if many of EP’s clients as a tattoo artist, would want some of his giants done. They are mesmerizing.

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