Gears of Art; The Art of Custom Bicycles:

Gears of art, that is what you might call what we are going to talk about today. The art of custom bicycles, because these bikes are art, from the frames to the gears. Every part of these bikes is often meticulously picked by their owners/creators, and every detail is made to look as awesome/beautiful as possible.

Indeed these bicycles themselves become proof, of how versatile art can be and what is better than art you can ride around the roads? It is reminiscent of the custom car industry. Except this hobby won’t bankrupt you as fast and it won’t require a driving license. Just the enthusiasm to craft your bike and to make it into your own personal expression.

Not everyone crafts their own bicycles. But if we focus on the guys that craft the bicycles, as we are doing in this article, that is where the artform comes in. The guys that buy the custom made bicycles, can be seen as art collectors in a way. But the guys who actually create the bicycles, are the painters (metaphorically speaking). Indeed in cities such as Copenhagen, with thriving bike cultures, custom bicycles are quite the commodity.

Final Comment:

Gears of Art, you would have to agree it is a fitting title. You might not be able to paint them in quite the same way as you would a custom car. But these bicycles are definitely art and they are part of quite the awesome art culture.
Especially in the summer, what would be better than to ride around your own custom bicycle?

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