Future Update; Nick Morte and His Plans After Winning His Case:

We are going to give you a brief future update here. In other words, we will tell you what Nick plans on doing, now that his long hard battle with the Norwegian government has been won. If you want to read more about the whole ordeal, Nick himself wrote a great article explaining it. Currently Nick lives with his wife in New Zealand, where they are pretty happy, but still it is interesting what might happen now that he won his case.

Nick always loved living and working in Norway. So what are his plans now that he won? He feels slightly betrayed by the Norwegian system understandably. But he still has a lot of fans and dear friends, back in Norway and Scandinavia. He had a of loyal clientele there, that took years to build as well.

But Nick spent most of his time after being deported, in his home country Russia. Travelling around Russia and Asia, working as a tattoo artist, doing seminars and judging tattoo competition. In the end even moving to New Zealand, where he is now happy with his wife. So despite winning his long battle with the Norwegian system, it won’t immediately bring him back to Norway. But he is overjoyed that he is able to someday return there, with his head held high.

Final Comment:

Though his future plans are not set in stone, we should all be happy for Nick. He fought the system and won. Not only that, but we might actually have to be grateful to him a bit. At least in Norway, because his victory means a lot, for the rights of tattoo artists in that country. We here at MediaZink are over joyed for Nick and his wife Nina.

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