From Chimney Sweep To Battle Scars: Mediazink Presents, History Fun Fact Vol. 3

From Chimney Sweep To Battle Scars: Mediazink Presents, History Fun Fact Vol. 3
October 01
14:00 2017

Battle Scars and Other Accidents:

Battle scars, that is indeed one of the many ways which anthropologists and other scientists, believe tattoos could have originated. To be more precise, battle scars and really any scars gotten through hunting and survival.
This is the way in which science believes tattoos and body-modification, could have originated. Even as far back as 2-300.000 years ago.

The theory goes, that in the hunter gatherer society of ancient cave people. Scars would have been seen as badges of honor, for the warriors and hunters of the tribe. Scientists suggest that is the case, because of what we can see from studying tribal cultures that are still here, as well as studying old relics and archaeological findings.

Thus the theory builds on this, suggesting that hunters and warriors would want to keep these scars. We know from indigenous cultures, such as the Maori, Native Americans and others. That to keep scars as tattoos, they would rub dirt, sod or plant juices into them. Thus it is not far from beginning such a practice, to figuring out you can do this un purpose, even make patterns.

Legend of The Chimney Sweep:

Despite knowing today, that tattoos are most likely more ancient than even the earliest of what could be called civilizations. There was another theory which people believed for many years could have been how tattoos originated in Europe. Despite knowing how James cook, brought tattoos back to Europe from Polynesia.

It was indeed an old legend/folktale about a chimney sweep in London, at least in some versions of the story.
He would go to work every day and being very clumsy, he would fall of the roof. Back then there was a lot of grit and dirt in the streets, so it would puncture the skin on his hands. His hands, which were covered in sod from his job, would then have the sod pigments, pressed into the skin. Thus his clumsiness would end up accidentally tattooing him.

Now this is just a funny old “wifes” tale, we know better today. But it is still funny to think of all the ways tattoos have been rumored to originate. Perhaps you guys know of other fun legends?

Final Comment:

As always we end on a friendly reminder, we base this on research from our resident “tattoo sociologist”. But it is merely fun facts. We encourage anyone interested to go and do some researching on their own, and see what they find. Get even more enlightened on the history on tattoos. We hope however this article was interesting and gave you food for thought.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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