Getting tattooed all over is a very big decision and it really has to be thought throw. Ofc. I didn’t think much about it.

When i got my first tattoo, i just wanted to get some ink and express my personality in that way.
Tattoos is a very unique way of expressing yourself without saying anything, you just have to look, and you may get a feeling of what I am and what I may like.

At first i didnt quite know what kind of style i wanted, but then I met, what is now, a very good friend of mine.
Anders Grucz, he showed me a whole new style that I never really considered, gothic horror, which turned out to be just me.

We started with a classic Marilyn Manson tattoo on my right arm. What I didnt know, what, that this was just the beginning. After a while and a few more tattoos, we started talking about a partnership.
Anders as my tattoo artist, and I as his model, only tattooing me in a style that we both felt could really go some where.

Horror is really differcult, not only because it’s very hard to do, but because it’s a genre that not everybody likes.
I wasn’t the biggest fan of horror a couple of years ago, but when Anders showed me what it could be, in a tattoo, I started liking it alot more.
There is some kind of beauty in a really dark portrait, that I dont think everybody see. I find it so mysterious and beautiful, there is just something to it, and I wish people could see it, like we do.

I find death quite facinating, so i really like the skull tattoos, and there is alot of ways to get that tattooed, which is pretty cool, if you ask me.
Funny thing is, i’ve always been terrified of loosing my loved ones, the thought of death always made me so sad.
Until i lost someone. Ofc. I was sad, and I did cry, but i also moved on. Since then, i’ve seen the beauty in it and I want that beauty to stay with me and be a part off me.