From A Hot Berlin


Hundreds of great tattoos presented at the competitions on stage did a hard job
for the 4 – man jury on stage. 3 Judges from Scandinavia and one from UK.
The winners came from many different countries and it was high level through
all the winners. Actually the jury gave the highest point ever in the 29 years so far.
4 times 10 point score created a new record in Berlin. It was the Russian artist,
Nastasya Ustinova who won the best of black and grey competition
with a superior gangsta piece.

More than 350 artists worked hard to present on stage and nurse their customers with fine art.
Around 15 supply companies also presented their bestselling products and new things coming
to the market. The Arena also had some special things to show the visitors like, spec. made jewelry,
taxi dermi products like snakes, bird and other special items. Willy Robinsons´Tattoo Musuem
also gave the visitors value for money.




The outdoor area was changed this year and it work very well.
The artist lounge was also moved from the first floor to the outdoors space.
Some complained and some was excited. It´s never easy to fulfil and make all happy.

The 3 days had a lot of entertainment on stage and around the hall.
On stage Heike the host and speaker guided the audience through all kinds of acts.
It was from German Hip Hop to freak shows and soft Led light shows.



The weather was much more convention like this year compared
to the extreme hot weather last year. That also gave the impression
that this year had more visitors than last year.

Awesome artists showed their skills around the venue and outside.
A fantastic body painter did some nice models and Alex did some
new metal plate art with a deep insight to the art. We will soon have
a separate article about Alex and his art.

Next year you will find Mediazink on the spot when Berlin
will celebrate their 30 years anniversary.
The oldest tattoo convention in Europe. A must visit.


BEST OF FRIDAY WINNER: Aleksandr Kharkov






We have selected some nice photos for you all.
Photo´s is taken by our Swedish Supervisor who travel with us this year;
Marcus Andersson.

PHOTO GALLERY (Click the photo to see it in full size)


The FULL and official aftermovie presented by MediaZink
will be available to watch on Thursday, August 8th.