Friday the 13th; Horror and Tattoos Galore:

Friday the 13th is upon us once again, a day that is dreaded by some, celebrated by others and others again couldn’t care less. But within the world of tattooing, horror has always seemed to be a prominent theme, as well as superstition. Hell, even just the number 13 features so often in tattoos, that it has just become a stable in most people’s collections.

But sticking to the theme of horror, on this Friday the 13th, let’s talk about some of the best styles for horror tattoos.
There seems to be no limit these days, to what can be achieved in any style. Basically you can do horror in any style if you are creative enough, but we would argue some styles, are more naturally horrific.

Our Horror Top 3 of Tattoo Styles:

Remember dear readers, these are just our top 5, it is in no way an indicator for what your opinion should be. It is just a friendly little bit of fun and us trying to inspire a bit.

Number 1; Bio-Mechanical:

The number one spot has to go to this awesome style, perfected by the likes of Guy Aitchinson among many others. The style was originally inspired by the artwork of Giger. The same artwork that inspired arguably one of the best horror movies of all time; Alien.

The style just has this natural blend of organic designs with otherworldly abstract motives. Often the designs seem to crawl through, pierce and in other-ways penetrate through the skin and the body. It gives of an impression there is something else under the skin, often times something a little disturbing.

However the style is also quite beautiful and the masters of the style are great, at showing of just what can be done with it and how beautiful it can be.

Number 2; Heavy Contrast Realism:

Realism itself can also be scary, depending on what is being portrayed. However, we have to give up our second place, to the darker cousin, of realism. Just like with normal realism, you try to capture the exact likeness, of what the tattoo is portraying.

However, in this contrast heavy version, you give all tattoos a dark twist. Though it is not only for horror tattoos, it lends itself beautifully to the genre. As the tattoo artist Kyle “Egg” Williams can attest to with his works, horror themed portraits are perfect, for this dark and gloomy style.

So if you want a bone chilling portrait of your favorite horror villain. Perhaps this beautiful style is perfect for you.

Number 3; New School:

Who says horror has to be dreary? We can’t help but give our third place to this most colorful of styles. But hear us out before you get the pitch forks out, and hunt us up to an abandoned windmill. The new school style has so much creative freedom, that basically any theme can be translated into it, even horror.

Things can even still remain scary, all of that is up to the artist and the clients wishes. You can make something truly gory for your horror piece. Filled to the brim with blood and carnage. Or you can go in a bit more quirky direction, making a cute and weird tribute, to your favorite horror flicks.

The way this style handles horror, especially in the hands of the likes of Mark Ford and Jessica V, is reminiscent of Tim Burton, in the most awesome of ways.

Final Comment:

We hope you enjoyed our little horrifying top 3. No matter what tattoo styles you love, we hope you get your own dream horror tattoo, if you are getting inked up this Friday the 13th. But be careful not to go too scary, you don’t want to be terrified whenever you look in the mirror.

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