Bulldog is a collective term for different breeds. This article focuses on the breed French bulldog. A French bulldog is normally very intelligent, attached and kind-hearted.

A lot of people say, that if you have a French bulldog it is your best friend for life.

Here is some greetings from French bulldogs owners – they will give you advice and give you more knowledge of the breed.


Here is some pictures of my Chico, my best friend, my better half and last but not least the man in my life – Fie Michelle

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A lot of ”French” sitting like this 🙂 – Sanne Møller Iversen


Molly at 2 years – loves the beach and sun 🙂 – Lise Lauritsen


Mini Milo buller fisen- Also in stylish version! 🙂

He is really unique and is really his own! He can challenge my patience once in a while, but when he wags his tiny little (almost non-existent) tail, yes… Then I am just as sold as first time a laid my eyes on him. A French bulldog is the worlds best friend who even has the humour and the heart in the right place! – Tasha Kjærgaard



A picture of my French bulldog, Carla, she is one year old. I think the breed is super funny, cosy, loving, and some times a very stubborn and determined breed. Carla loves to cuddle with me on the couch, a long walk, we often go to the forest or the beach, where she can run in full speed. – Ann Nanna Kjær

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One ’’Buller’’ is good – two is better! A loyal, loving and true companion… Here is my two ’bullere’; Buller(fawn) and Bertha(brindle). I have had French bulldogs the last 7 years, and I will never have another breed. – Linda Christiansen



Amazing family dog, Cass 2 years. – Jeanette Laumann Blom


Amigo: he is a big waterdog and loves the hose

Henriette Arreborg



Babii.. She is a real ‘buller’ with speed and good mood when we have visitors – Henriette Arreborg


Jax… He is our little ”rullepølse” and he always have an ideer about his tongue should be in all pictures! 🙂 – Henriette Arreborg