Frederik the 9th of Denmark; History Fun Fact Vol. 13

Frederik the 9th of Denmark; History Fun Fact Vol. 13
December 17
13:45 2017

Frederik the 9th of Denmark; Most Tattooed Monarch in Modern History:

King Frederik the 9th of Denmark, a man we might have mentioned before. The father of the current ruler of Denmark, Queen Magrethe the 2nd, and grandfather to the Danish crown prince. But what he is less known for outside of Denmark today. Is that he was the most tattooed monarch in modern history.

Of course previously some monarchs have been even more tattooed, like Prince Constantine, who was shown off in Britain, after being captured from the Albanien and Greek territory. But that was back over 200 years ago. Frederik the 9th is back in the day of most peoples grandparents. He lived from1899 to 1972.

The king was a man’s man, famous for never wanting body guards when out among his people. Also famous for body building and being quite the sailor. But to many a Danish Citizen, even today, he is known as the tattooed king. With his chest, and arms covered.

From the Press to Law Making:

He was so well known for his tattoos after a while, that it became quite the attraction for the foreign newspapers, when the king would travel around, to get him to show off his ink. He would gladly show off and talk to the press about his many tattoos. An amount which might not seem like much today, but in his day, he was quite heavily tattooed.

It even became well known, that whenever he went to on trips to London, he did 2 things: He trained with a former Olympic weightlifting champion and got a tattoo. But he also got well known in Denmark, for just wandering down into Nyhavn, sitting in tattoo studios and getting tattooed. Where most other blue bloods and aristocrats in the world, would invite tattooers to their palaces and mansions.

Ironically though, the king made a one of a kind law before he died, which Denmark is still the only country in Europe to have.
He made the tattoo law, where it stands that no one younger than 18 (common all over the world) can be tattooed, and that tattoos on the neck, face and hands are illegal.

Final Comments:

Despite the law the king made by the end, it seems that he truly loved tattoos and the life of being a sailor. Some even speculate, that the Danish Parliament forced the King to make the law. Perhaps because they feared, what image he might be projecting about himself and his home country of Denmark, when he went around showing off his tattoos. Especially if he might get even more visible tattoos.

No matter what the truth on that last matter might be, we hope you enjoyed this slice of history from a tiny country in Europe. Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.

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