Francesco Vacca; The Man With The Metal Tongue

Francesco Vacca; The Man With The Metal Tongue
June 06
19:52 2018

Francesco Vacca; It Wasn’t The Cat Who Got His Tongue:

Francesco Vacca holds the Guinness world record, for the most tongue piercings in one tongue. One would have thought some teen girl might give Francesco a run for his money. But you would need a tongue of some size and quite a bit of bravery, to go as far as he has. Hopefully he doesn’t go through too many metal detectors, it would take some time to remove them.

It is all because Francesco has an astounding 20 piercings total in his tongue. It wasn’t the cat that got this New Jersey man’s tongue. Rather it was the needle and a love of piercings. Francesco actually held the record already at 16, but he regardless got 4 more piercings done before he once again too the record, in 2017.

One wonders about his reasoning, but it is non the less impressive. One can only imagine what the girls must think, hopefully they love all of his piercings. They certainly will neither surprise him nor scare him away, with however many tongue piercings they might have.

Final Comment:

Francesco Vacca certainly is another example, of how impressive the human body is. We wouldn’t even have thought it possible to have that many piercings in your tongue, if it wasn’t for guys like him. It is absolutely fascinating what people think of doing and what they discover the body is capable of. So keep it up guys.

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