What is the first thing you crave to do when you work really hard for those abs and back? Of course you want to show it off to the world! As they say, ‘hard work always shows’. It would not be fair to all the months of cardio and resistance training if you did not show a little skin; or all you want. To attract a little more attention to your curves, here’s a tip: get a tattoo!

As you are reading this, more and more fit women (especially fitness models) are getting themselves inked. Tattoos can be appealing or they can mean something; always better if it is a mixture of the two. Here, a question may arise; why are fitness models getting inked? Is it an act of rebellion against the society? Is it a way to accentuate their curves? Or is it solely for the purpose of embellishment? Let’s break it down.

It may be an act of insurgency like Tris when she joins Dauntless. She gets her collar bone tattooed with Ravens. Many leading companies prefer fitness models that do not have a single tattoo on their bodies. Hint: Victoria Secrets. Smaller companies, on the other hand, have no problem with inked models. They even prefer inked fitness models. Hence, it can be an act of rebellion against leading companies.

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A well placed tattoo beautifully accentuates a toned body part. It makes a person stand out instantly. If you pair a tattoo with a beautiful and toned body, you get a spotlight in every room instantly. Inked fitness models look absolutely stunning in photographs. There is a certain aura of command in their photos. The famous Inked Magazine features some of the most majestic tattooed fitness models in their imperial splendor. The magazine might be an inspiration for fitness models to get inked. It sure mine is!

The most important reason that more and more fitness models are getting inked is a higher self-esteem. Fitness models are confident because of their bodies. It gives them a push to go beyond their comfort zones and do things they normally would not do. For example, getting a tattoo! Getting inked is almost always one of the most common ways of self expression; of one’s existence and dignity. According to a research, inked individuals have a higher self-esteem than non-inked individuals. It comes as no surprise. It is their badge of honour.

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Fitness models may or may not get a tattoo for the above reasons. There can be other reasons as well. For example, merely for the sake of beautification of the body, doing something gutsy, getting closure, or marking an important life event. Many top companies don’t hire inked fitness models unless of course they are celebrities. This is one of the reasons of the soaring rates of tattooed fitness models. One tattoo against the society at a time, these fitness models are shaping a way for a positive body image; of acceptance and badassery.