Firefighter and Armwrestler Mike Ayello

Firefighter and Armwrestler Mike Ayello
February 24
16:25 2015


Mike Ayello

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Life is awesome, I love my job. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Its definitely rewarding helping people in an emergency.I am 37 years old , I am a NYC Fire fighter and work at Ladder 135 in Queens Ny

I won multiple state titles, king of NY 2 years in a row ive arm wrestled all over the world. I was on AMC’S reality show Game Of Arms” and im currently ranked 4th in the country right handed super heavyweight.

I love armwrestling because its the ultimate 1 on 1 competition. Me vs you! Im stronger im bigger than you kind of feeling

Armwrestling in my opinion is the coolest sport because everyone in their life has done it at least once. School lunchroom table whatever. Its an amazing feeling when I step up to the table. I feel like a savage right before i start and I picture myself ripping my opponents arm off. But its always a hug after the match.


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  1. JackMiller
    JackMiller August 01, 00:26

    awesome shape the dude have!

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  2. Blueeyesofscandinavia
    Blueeyesofscandinavia February 25, 10:11

    Good pictures for the ladies! Interesting article 🙂

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