From fat and lazy to young entrepreneur with big plans.



My name is Mikkel and I am 19 years old.

I will tell you a bit about myself, and some positive changings in my life.

For 1 year ago I took a decision, which have changed me, my life and the outlook of it.


My weigh was 112 kg, I am 179 cm high, so you can easily imaging er was rather fat. I had finished my HG and did’nt know what to do with my life and myself.

Everything was been too much for me, I had decided that I was one of them who were fat – end of discussion. I wouldn’t say no to food, because I felt safety in eating good food and indulge myself. That I couldn’t see it was wrong to indulge myself.


In spite of my accept of myself as I were, I was dreaming to be thin and have control over myself and what I wanted to do. But I had a tendency to dream a lot, and then say no, but I will do it from tomorrow on!

This is maybe the worst thought I could give myself. Because every morning I woke up I forget it for at moment and ate a lot of food, for after thinking: ‘’now I have ruined it – but I’m starting tomorrow…’’ A long time has gone with that!


I had a night out in October 2013. This night went it all upside down for me.

I woke up the day after with huge hangover and a bad taste in my mouth. When I looked down on my floor, there was MacDonald all over the floor, and I looked down myself.  Then I thought: ‘’Ugh! I feel ashamed of myself!

I started to clean up. Then I took some sportsclothes on, and I would run for a trip immediately. I came outside and started running, I think I run for 100 meters, then I was short of breath and it ended up with going 5 km in stead of running. On this trip there was a lot of thought in my head, and I planned how to go about it all.

I got it. Google and Youtube may be my best friends, so I used the rest of the day on reading me forward to a battle plan.

The outcome was: a lot of exercise in the right tempo measured with a heart rate monitor together with a dietplan was the right thing for me.

Every Sunday was the day of weight, which in time I looked more and more forward too with joy. In between 6 month I went from a weight 112 kg to 74 kg, so a weight loss on 38kg. In January I started my own tattoo shop Insaniac art I Roskilde. Plus I have started at HHX in Roskilde with a view to reading some economy after.

All this have to a great extent made me to a more positive human, who looks forward to life and all the possibilities which lie for my feet’s! So drop the thought of tomorrow and begin now!