Fandom and Tattoos; From T-shirts to Art on the Skin.

Fandom and Tattoos; From T-shirts to Art on the Skin.
July 18
16:51 2017

How did the “Nerds” get Into Tattooing?

The road towards fan tattoos, will to some seem pretty strange. But as a nerd and geek myself, it seems pretty clear and obvious. Within our pop culture, and our video games and movies, all of that. Tattoos have always been present.
Without getting too much into the specifics of it (as that is for another time and another article). We nerds and geeks have seen tattoos ever since we were children, on all the fictional characters we admire and continue to admire.

Another part of how we got into tattoos, is because of how it got (as has been mentioned by me in multiple articles), moved out of the subcultures and stigmatization. It is because of how, tattoos became something anyone can do and will do, in modern society. So nerds and geeks are no longer scared to go into a tattoo shop, heck… even some of the artists are themselves nerds and geeks today. Talking about comic books and sci-fi movies etc. with their clients.

A third and much more prevalent reason, to why Fandom tattoos are so much more prevalent today. As well as why nerds and geeks etc. got into tattooing. Is because tattoos in many cases are about passion, and they have incredible passion. Whether it is for a TV series, a video game or a comic book hero, even a science topic they love, they have almost immeasurable passion. Which is perfect for getting a tattoo.

Tattoos Say More than a T-shirt:

It is however, quite clear that passion, wouldn’t necessarily lead any nerd or geek, or even scientist to get a tattoo.
They might as well just go buy a t-shirt or a poster, to display there love of whatever fandom or subject they are into.
However, it only takes one look down a high street or into a H&M etc. to see that fan T-shirts and such, don’t mean as much as they used to. It seems that anyone, whether they are into a fandom or not, will wear a band t-shirt, or something with a comic book hero or a science quote. So nerds and geeks, don’t feel as special as they used to, when wearing that stuff.

So a way, for the individuals that want to display their fandom much more clearly and passionately, than shirts etc. can today, is getting fan tattoos. A tattoo won’t be worn by anyone else, and in most cases will be unique to the individual. But even more important than this, tattoos because of their permanence, is much less likely to be worn just for shits and giggles. What I mean by this, is that you can easily find a girl with a Batman shirt who is not into Batman. But it is much more unlikely, that someone not into a fandom would get a tattoo with it.

Final comment:

So some nerds and geeks, start to get tattoos, in order to more clearly and passionately display their love of what they are into. Because, at least as things are now, they seem to more clearly display their passion. Because, the tattoo shows undoubtedly, that they are serious about their fandom and that they passionately love it. That it holds good memories for them and maybe even, that it has taught them live lessons and so on.

This is not a critique of what fan culture is like today, I love it myself and I don’t mind that some random dude or girl, can wear a batman t-shirt like I do. But at the same time, I myself also love, that I can display how passionate a fan I am, through my fan tattoos.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article as always, please keep your eyes peeled here on Tattoo-Logia.
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