Explore Tattoo Conference; Tattoo Artists Coming Together to Learn:

The explore tattoo conference is not a tattoo convention! This is one of the first points made clear on their website. This awesome initiative, which takes place in the US, is more correctly described as a great opportunity. It is an opportunity for artists to learn and network, for a duration of 3 days. Thus this conference is for artists, that want more out of the industry and want to see it improve, as well as move forward.

The seminar is incredible, they can boast of having some of the worlds best artists currently today, on their panels. They all do talks and lectures, where they share their takes on the industry and how they feel it can be better. Thus they take this opportunity to help others and teaching them how to be better.

The conference is about everything from the art itself, to the business, how you set up your studio and even the culture of tattooing to an extent. There is loads to learn, for any artist participating. For both experienced tattoo artists as well as newbies, all who seek to improve are welcome to take this opportunity to do so.

Coming from Within:

Just as we see all over the world, tattoo artists all over form their own organizations, conferences and seminars etc. In order to improve their industry. It is unlike anything seen in most other industries today. The industry itself seeks improvement and the artists themselves are doing all they can, in order to ensure the industry moves forward in the best way possible.

It is fascinating and heartwarming to see, that the Explore Tattoo Conference, is yet another initiative working towards a better world of tattooing. Hopefully they will inspire even more initiatives like this in the future. Creating better and better artists, and through this creating a better industry. Which in turn may improve the acceptance of tattoos in the world.

Hopefully this article inspired you guys. Especially the aspiring as well as established tattoo artists who might read this. We can always do our best to improve, especially if it is done together as an industry.

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