Eternal Ink Story Of A Tattoo Ink Business

Eternal Ink Story Of A Tattoo Ink Business
September 17
06:00 2016

Eternal Ink Story Of A Tattoo Ink Business

Tattoo art is a popular method of body modification. In the tattoo making process, temporary or permanent inks of varying strength are injected into the dermis layer of the ink using a needle. This ink changes the pigment of the skin to match the ink color, and designs can be created on the skin according to user preference. According to the traditional method, tattoo artists used stable pigment inks, which were prepared by mixing together pigments of different colors. The ink pigments were available in ten to twelve colors, which were mixed together in different quantities. The method was inefficient because inks had to be mixed by hand, which made for inconsistent and poor results. Stable pigment inks also required thinning, and additional mixing and matching which could be time consuming. Moreover, since the pigments were being mixed on the spot, there couldn’t be any quality control. Stable pigment inks used to be the primary method of tattoo art. That is, until Eternal Ink hit the market and replaced it off the market shelves.

Terry Welker created eternal Ink in 1976. He had been trained as a traditional tattoo artist and was aware of the drawbacks of using the traditional stable pigment ink supplies. After practicing several years, he decided to mix his own compositions of inks, and called it Eternal Ink. This range of tattoo ink was versatile because it resulted in consistent results every time. The ink soon became popular because it was also hassle free, as people did not have to mix the pigments by hand. It came pre-dispersed, hence ready to use. People started buying his ink for their own tattoo studios, and requests for more colors and inks started coming in.

Eternal Ink Inc. was established in 2004, as a separate enterprise from the tattoo studios. The company creates pre-dispersed tattoo inks for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. First, a new ink color is created at the factory. This color is sent to different tattoo experts for sampling. Based on the feedback from the ink sampling, the ink composition is altered and upon positive approval, the ink goes into full production. Thousand of glass bottles are filled with the exact same quantity of ink, and these bottles are labeled in the factory. The can be bought at tattoo specialty shops around the country. At the tattoo studio, the tattoo artist measures the ink out in drops, and it is injected into the tattoo needles for use.  Today, Eternal Ink is available in more than 200 different colors that are being shipped and used in tattoo studios around the World.

Eternal Ink changed the face of the tattoo business. Other brands picked up on the concept, and started creating their own pre-dispersed ink colors for selling. Stable-pigment inks were revolutionized, and there are very few producers of the traditional tattoo ink today. Instead, tattoo shops prefer to stock pre-dispersed inks, because of its versatility and ease of use, keeping up with the high customer demands.


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