Ester Rose; From Modelling To Artistry:

When you first meet Ester Rose, one of the first things you might notice is her beautiful yet very cute look.
Ester is quite the awesome model and artist as well, both painting and doing photo-art. So when she is not in front of the lens herself, she likes to create her own art.

But when she started out modelling, it was as she sees it, all cute and traditional modelling. Because people saw her natural cute looks and kind of thought she fit into that box. But she got tired of that to a certain extent, wanting to do something more with her modelling.

She started working some more edge into her modelling, wanting her photos like her artwork, to mean something. Essentially, she wanted the best of her modelling, to be art. She wants the pictures she creates  to say something and to convey her feelings or what she went through at the time. She feels that speaks more to the audience, without it getting pretentious. It makes it more real and beautiful.

Rebelling and Growing an Edge:

It is not that Ester hates regular modelling, or the sillier and more light-hearted stuff, she just felt like she wanted to show the world she has edge and could do more. So not only did she start looking to do shoots, with some more edge and racier material and so on. But she also, as she says during our interview with a bit of laughter, got some tattoos and a sidecut.

She wanted to show the world she has edge, both with her modelling and in her art. The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the most beautiful art, comes out of the darkest places or when we are sad, troubled or feeling like the world is against us.

At least Ester feels like, some of the stuff she loves the most from her work, both her edgy modelling shoots and her paintings (which we will talk more about later). Have been created at some of the times in her life, where she went through hardships of some kind. It can clearly be seen in those paintings and photos, if you look for it, but they can also be enjoyed for their own beauty. That is the edge of Ester’s art.

Making Her Body Art:

She wants her shoots, her body and the photos that come out of it, when she does her edgy stuff, to be seen as art. This of course also means getting in touch with the right photographers that will portray her vision or have similar visions.

She especially enjoys working with concepts, both with her paintings and photo-art. A concept where it becomes about expressing something she has gone through, as mentioned earlier, portraying her own feelings and ideals etc.

Of course it is nice to just do pretty stuff too and it pays the bills. But the shoots where she gets to work with an edgy concept, even though she often ends up doing them for free, ends up meaning so much more to her. Because she gets to make her body into art, art that expresses something.

Painting Tattooed People:

Some people may know this talented young woman, for her sexy or edgy modelling photos. But they would be missing out, if they don’t know about her amazing artwork, which was also represented at this year’s 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen.

She creates the most beautiful paintings, from photos she takes or works with a photographer to create. Especially for a specific painting, of people she feels have an edge to them. Most of these people are often tattooed individuals. She has a fascination with tattoos which she is not sure where came from. Ester even worked in a tattoo studio for a bit doing PR and social media stuff, but it seems she already had her fascination before that.

She just loves painting tattooed people, because she feels that the tattoos add an extra layer to a person. Even in the way she paints them, where she paints the person first and then their tattoos. It seems that the picture has another layer and some edge added to it, when the tattoos come on, like it tells another story suddenly.  They add some detail and a twist, to the painting.

Final Comments:

Indeed Ester loves photography, painting and tattooed bodies. It is something she seems to mix together in her own shoots, as a model. As well as when she paints her amazing paintings. It might have helped her obsession with tattoos, only slightly, that she got her own 3 tattoos done in the last 2 years. However, we hope not, because we want to see more of her awesome artwork of awesome tattooed and edgy people.

In the future, she does indeed want to paint more tattooed people. Currently she is working on a series of paintings, of hands. Hands used to frustrate her because she finds them difficult to paint.  But she feels so fascinated and inspired by tattooed hands especially, that she had to do it.

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