Eric the Lizard Man

Eric Sprague is well known as Eric the Lizard Man.
This nickname is related to the extreme changing he has done with his body. What inspires Eric Sprague to become a lizard man?
It is compelling if you know why this man wants to be a lizard man.

His Educational Background
One of the reasons why Eric Sprague wants to modify his body into a lizard is might be because of his educational background.
He studied at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York majoring in Bachelor of Arts degree.
As an art student, he gets used to being involved with something artistic, unique, and out of the box.
He said that transforming his body is an art just like what he has learned in college.

His Job as a Performer
Another thing that inspires him to become Eric the Lizard Man is because of his job.
Eric Sprague is a performer and he must have a unique and appealing character.
By transforming his body into a lizard, he gets so many achievements.
Let’s say, his regular job is performing in the classic performance event to become a human blockhead, fire eating, sword swallowing, bed of nails,
and many more.

Sprague also has a rock band known as Lizard Skynyrd.
The band released an album in 2010 and it brought them to the world tour.

Achieving the Guinness World Record might be his highest
achievement in 2014.
He also appeared in one of the most popular television shows entitled
Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
He travels around the world along with his lizard appearances by joining the Jim Rose Circus and the Jagermeister Music Tour.
He made some films since 2005 to show his transformation into a lizard man to the people.

Eric The Lizardman

Extreme Body Transformation
Eric Sprague spends over 20 years to transform his body into a lizardman.
He started with creating tattoos on his entire bodies.
Then, he continued with the complicated transformation process such as tongue bifurcation.
By applying this procedure, his tongue is cut from its tip.
As a result, it seems that he has a lizard’s tongue.
He didn’t stop there because after that Eric also sharpening his teeth, took subdermal implants, and made his lips green.

It is understandable why Eric Sprague made such kind of extreme transformation. In the end, being Eric the Lizard Man is his decision.
He might not regret the decision he has made because it boosts
his popularity until today.