Ephemeral Tattoos; Tattoos For the Indecisive:

Ephemeral Tattoos; Tattoos For the Indecisive:
January 13
19:00 2018

Ephemeral Tattoos; Tattoos For Those That Keep Changing:

Ephemeral Tattoos, as the company is also known, are tattoos that are applied the same way normal tattoos are. However, they have a much shorter lifespan. In other words, these tattoos will fade completely within 3 months. So after 3 months the tattoo you had, will be totally gone and your skin will be all ready for a new one, should you so wish.

For the more decisive, who are still not ready to make a lifelong commitment, they have also made a 6 month version. But the same principle remains. They base their product, on the argueably ever changing nature of people. The principle that we are always developing and changing, always becoming a new version of ourselves.

Now the argument can be made, that this is not normally a problem for hardcore tattoo fans. But this product does however, seem perfect for the newbies out there, who are scared of the commitment a normal tattoo comes with. The people who are always indecisive and always change their mind with the times and seasons.

Ripe For Fashion:

One area where we here at MediaZink, for better or worse, think this tattoo fits with perfectly, is fashion. Fashion is always ever changing and many a youngster that go out and get hat is candidly known as “fashion ink” often end up regretting it. This happens because the tattoo’s permanence clashes with the fleeting and liquid state of fashion trends. People that like fashion of course also change their minds and opinions to go along with it. So they end up regretting their fashion tattoos big time!

But with Ephemeral tattoos, these people don’t risk the same regret and remorse. They avoid the risk to their self-esteem and how they view their own looks, by getting a tattoo that will disappear. Thus they can live as a tattooed person, but with minimal risk to themselves.

There is one area, where we however bet this will catch a lot of backlash from the tattoo community. The lack of commitment, simply put, people get it too easy. The whole “trial by fire” essence that normally comes with the territory, which many see as a big part of becoming a tattooed person, is stripped away. Making it in some people’s opinions, way too easy and lackluster.

Final Comment:

We won’t speak out about what we think about this, other than the fact that we find it fascinating and interesting without a doubt. Definitely a great idea, especially as a business venture in this day and age. But enough of what we think, let us know what you guys think about this?

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