Elvis Tattoo; Crazy (and) Talented:

Elvis guested 50 Shades of Ink this year, however he did not have a booth. He was just there as a guest this year, but will be attending both the Copenhagen and the 5th anniversary Helsingborg conventions, in the future.
Elvis is quite the talented and friendly tattoo artist, with quite the funny and cool presence. You feel at home with him, however when you see some of his crazier work, you might not feel so safe… Until you see how incredibly talented he is at tattooing, he is even quite versatile. When it comes to styles he likes to tattoo on people, he loves variety. Liking to both do neo-traditional, Realism and his favorite kind of tattoo; the crazy and weird kind.

Indeed Elvis took away a 2nd place price for best weird at the convention. He competed with a butterfly/vagina mix, loving the play on words and how it makes people react. His client that had the tattoo done, on their head, was over the moon pleased with it as well.¬†However, Elvis is not just into doing crazy and weird tattoos as such. He loves to work with free hands, doing abstract pieces of art on peoples’ skin.

It was indeed Elvis’ first time at the convention, he had heard of it a lot previously and thought he would check it out. He didn’t make it in time for artist registration for the 4th edition of 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg. But as mentioned earlier, he will be attending the next couple of conventions. He had an awesome time at the convention still, even though he was just there as a guest and he was impressed with how huge it had gotten, so quickly. He loves the work Mediazink does, and feels honored that we would feature him.

Elvis’ own style and ambitions:

Elvis is originally self-taught, when it comes to tattooing and he felt that the shading especially, came naturally to him. However this does not make him any less ambitious and he is currently working on a personal project of his.
He wants to mix together neo-traditional, realism and traditional style tattooing, into his own style.
I for one can’t wait to see what that might look like, in his talented hands.

Elvis loves to challenge himself and to develop his tattoo skills further and further. An aspect of his artistic sense as a tattoo artist, which also spills into how he likes to work. Elvis loves doing all the body parts other artists find difficult, challenging or otherwise complicated to tattoo. He loves doing thigh tattoos and such too, but he absolutely loves doing head and hand tattoos on people. He loves challenging himself, and to keep improving as an artist, which you can see in his amazing and sometimes crazy, work as a tattoo artist.

Gallery and Info on Elvis Tattoo:

The 2nd Prize winning tattoo for Best Weird, at 50 Shades of Ink 4th Edition, Helsingborg Sweden.

Elvis on the left, and Mediazink’s Mads “Tattoo Sociologist” on the right.


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