Elena Ivanickaya; Model and Crazy Cat Lady

Elena Ivanickaya; Model and Crazy Cat Lady
November 07
12:00 2017

Elena Ivanickaya; Taking Pet Love Too Far?

Elena Ivanickaya might have given a whole new meaning, to the term “crazy cat lady”. At least if you ask most animal lovers online, as well as the police in her home country of Ukraine, where she is now being investigated for animal cruelty. Now many of you our fans, might have heard about this already. But for those of you who have not, we can say for now, that the Ukrainian model really loves her cat.

However, she took her love for her cat, a hairless one at that too far. When she decided to have the cat tattooed.
She defends it as not being animal cruelty, because a vet was present throughout and the cat was sedated.
Without even going into the question of whether the animal felt any pain, we here at Mediazink would beg to differ.

Without Consent It Is Cruelty:

To us here at Mediazink, what Elena Ivanickaya did to her pet is definitely cruelty. It is for the same reason as to why it would be cruel to tattoo children; (proper) consent cannot be given! Especially not by most animals on our planet, consent is not something they can communicate to us humans as such.

Now tattooing pets is sadly not a new trend, as can be seen on various online articles people have been doing it for a while now. It is absolutely insane, the poor animals get nothing out of this, other than an infection risk at worst.
Most animals don’t have the same sense of aesthetics we humans do. Nor do they have any ability to communicate such desires to us. Even if they could, or you believe animals are capable of communicating such desires to us.
There is still the fact, that it would be far fetched and ludicrous to suggest, that any pet would desire to be tattooed.

It has nothing to do with their nature, they are creatures driven by instincts, to a far far greater extent than we humans are. They do not desire tattoos, or piercings and giving a cat a chest-piece, is definitely not a good idea.

Final Comments:

We know this is a bit different from our normally very positive vibe, here on Mediazink. But we wanted to express our opinion on this phenomenon and why we believe it is wrong. Animals do not desire tattoos nor can they give proper explicit consent to it, so it should not be done to them.

We hope you enjoyed the article regardless, feel free to let us know your thoughts and opinions. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookYouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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  1. The Hammer
    The Hammer November 10, 18:50

    She should be arrested and the cat taken away and put in a good safe happy home. She is an IDIOT !!

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  2. Sara-M
    Sara-M November 07, 19:25

    It disgusts me that a human being actually get the idea of doing this and for all the others involved in this. Holding, tattooing, taking pictures. Gosh where is their humanity

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