Elaine Davidson; Most Piercings Ever:

Elaine Davidson is a woman, that truly can be said to have fallen in love with piercings. It would be a wonder if she can even remember what her first piercing was. But she started getting piercings in her body, back in 1997.
By the time 2003 came around, the Brazillian native had already claimed the Guinness World Record, for most piercings in a lifetime.

However, Elaine hasn’t stopped since then. It is not certain how many piercings she has today. But last time the Guinness World Records checked up on her in 2006. She had been pierced over 4000 times. It is difficult to even imagine where she would put some of these piercings. Must be a nightmare going through metal detectors (sorry we had to make that joke).

She truly has a love for piercings. Elaine believes it makes her more beuatiful and helps her excentuate her feminine beauty. If she believes that, then we for one support her. She has at least found out what makes her the most happy about her appearance. Addorning it with piercings (and tattoos), in order to feel more like herself.

Final Comment:

Whether you condone it or not you have to admire Elaine Davidson. She has taken a stand for herself, world record be damned, she looks exactly the way she dreams of looking. That is the mark of a person that definitely knows who they are if you ask us. We at least support her, even if all that metal must be heavy (sorry last joke).

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