Driving Tattoo; More About The Artists Vision:

Some time ago a driving tattoo, took the internet by storm. The tattoo in question was placed on a guy called Kenny, and the tattoo itself made it seem like a smaller version of Kevin, was driving his body. The internet erupted, calling it bizarre and silly, wondering why he might have done it. Focusing on this peculiar fellow with the odd tattoo.
However, people neglected to ask the artist who created it, about the tattoo.

This has got the Artist, Richard Batey of Immortal Art Studio, a bit miffed. So now to set the record straight he himself has written a long article, explaining the tattoo. It would seem that all along, the tattoo was more to do with Richard’s vision and interests. In fact the tattoo has way deeper meaning than it was first perceived. One of the less deep meanings, is a shared fascination between artist and client of the mechanical.

But for Richard, there is a lot more to Kenny’s tattoo. To him the tattoo is in fact very spiritual, in his own words. It is also quite the achievement for him, proving how negative space can work with tattoos, making the whole body seem part of it in this case. But going back to the spiritual, comes down to Richard’s believe that we all have a driving force within us. We all have a spirit inside us, which guides and controls all we do, thus symbolized by Kenny’s tattoo. A mini you inside you controlling things.

Final Comment:

So the driving tattoo wasn’t as silly as we all first thought. Indeed this whole tattoo seems to prove, that how silly or strange a tattoo is, is all up to who is looking at it. Without asking the person and getting the full story of a tattoo, we can only guess about the reasoning behind it. When we don’t know the reasoning, we can’t really understand how special even a “silly” tattoo can be. We salute and thank Richard, giving this point an awesome poignant example.

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