Dr. Seuss; An Inspiration to the odd and wonderful:

Dr. Seuss, one of the worlds most famous (childrens book) authors ever, was born 114 years ago today. Throughout his life his beautiful imagination is what got him recognized. He used this imagination, to enrich the lives of many children, as well as their parents.
Today, children world wide are still growing up reading his stories, with their wonderful colorful art and characters.
We all know characters like the Grinch, Horton and Sam-I-Am.

Indeed his works have inspired many a youths imagination later on in life. Even among many of the tattoo artists who are creating art on people today. It is fun to imagine, how much abstract thinking this man might have caused. There are certainly a fair few tribute tattoos out there, in his name and of his characters.

Hopefully people will continue to read his many stories in the future, as they have done for many decades so far. They are certainly a wealth of imagination and great inspiration. So if you have one, flaunt your Seuss ink extra proudly today, and celebrate the life of a world treasure.

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